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  • Bugatti T57 AC Fuel Pump Top


    AC Delco fuel pump top for Bugatti Type 57. Text on pump is in French. Cast in aluminum, CNC machined and ready for installation. Material: Aluminum Thread: M12 x 1.75, 1/2-20 OAL: 6.135 OAW: 3.968 Stud hole: 3.437

  • AC Fuel Pump Rocker Arm & Pin, Packard 12


    AC mechanical fuel pump rocker arm with pin as used on 1935 – 1939 Packard 12.  Arm is a CNC machined replica of an original AC part. Pin supplied with the rocker arm is oversized and specially produced for use with our part. Rocker arm original part number AC-1521868. Rocker Arm: Material: 1018 Steel, heat…

  • Bugatti Type 57 Fuel Pump Lever


    Bugatti Type 57 fuel pump lever. For use with French A/C mechanical fuel pumps. Material: 8620 Steel Finish: Natural Hole ID: .250 Thickness: .265 OAL: 4.050

  • AC Fuel Pump Pull Rod


    AC fuel pump pull rod for use on Packard V-12 Series 1200 – 1700, 1934-35 Buick, 1932-38 Chrysler, 1934-36 LaSalle and 1933-39 Lincoln. AC part number 1521429, “Pull Rod”. OAL:  2.425 Thread: 1/4-28 Thread length: .390

  • AC Fuel Pump Valve Nut


    Brass fuel pump valve nut with 5/8-18 thread.  For use with AC fuel pumps.  Fits the larger of the two common AC pumps of the era.  For use on many automobiles of the Classic era. Material: Brass Finish: Natural Thread: 5/8-18 Thread length: .328 Hex: .875 OAL: .890 Length under head: .687 Head height: .200…

  • AC Fuel Pump Lever Pin


    Fuel pump lever pin to fit AC fuel pumps as used on Packard V-12, Cadillac and many others. Material: 4140 steel. Pin: .302 Dia. Knurled section: .321 Dia. Head: .376 Dia. Small end to be riveted over: .246 Dia. OAL: 2.062.

  • AC Fuel Pump Filter Gasket


    Neo-cork AC fuel pump filter gasket for automobiles using AC mechanical pumps. Used on many American and European cars of the era using a mechanical A/C pump including Cadillac, Cord and Bugatti. Cadillac part number 882890, group number 12.4102. Measures 2.100 OD, 1 5/8 ID, .130 thick.

  • AC Fuel Pump Gasket for Types B, D, O


    Die cut cork gasket for AC fuel pumps Type B, D and O. Material: Cork Thickness: 1/16 Width: 1 3/16 Length: 3 1/2