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  • Carburetor Throttle/Choke Screws (Set Of 6 Screws)


    Carburetor Throttle/Choke Screw Kit. Material: Brass Finish: Natural 6-32 X 5/16 Oval Head Screw 6 Pcs Per Set Applications: Used on Stromberg many different types of carburetors    

  • Solex 140 Jet


    Brass 140 Solex jet with an M6 x 1.00 thread as used in Mercedes Benz 300 SL mechanical fuel injection. Used as an idle jet and partial load jet for the throttle body. May be further drilled out to meet application demands. Material: Brass Finish: Natural Thread: M6 x 1.00 Thread length: .160 Head OD:…