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  • Stromberg O & M Series Float Cover Nut


    Float needle valve cap used on many Stromberg carburetor models, such as: O-1, O-2, O-3, OE-1, OE-2, OE-3, OX-2, M-3/4, M-1, M-2 and M-3. Stromberg part number P-16241. Material: Brass Thread: 7/16-24 Hex: 1/2 Hex height: 7/16 OAL: .825 OD: .460 Hole: .075

  • 1/4 Inverted Flare Nut, Auburn Cord


    1/4 Inverted flare nut made to 1930’s specifications. For use on brake, fuel and vacuum lines on Auburn and Cord 810/812. Also for use on other automobiles of the era. Auburn and Cord part numbers R10359, 12S703A6, 12S703. Material: 12L14 Steel Finish: Cadmium Thread: 7/16-24 x .325 OAL: .592 Hex: .437 ID: .257