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  • Hispano Suiza Battery Switch Brush


    Carbon brush used with the battery switch on Hispano Suiza K6 and J-12. For use with battery switch spring, our part number HIS-0052. Material: Carbon, copper Height: .386 Large DIA: .543 OD x .136 Small DIA: .465 OD x .250

  • Packard Battery Cover Screw


    Packard Battery Cover Screw Material: Aluminum Finish: Natural Thread: 1/4-28 Shank: 7/16″ Head Diameter: 3/4″ Applications: 1930’s Packards  

  • Cadillac 5/16-18 x 7/8 Sheet Metal Hex Bolt


    Hex bolt for attaching fenders and other body panels on V8, V12, V16 Cadillac and LaSalle. Used from 1927 – 1936.  Finished in black oxide to prevent rust. Cadillac part number 120229, alternative group number 25.0500 Listed in Cadillac parts book as: Group 10.0358, Attaching Battery Support Screw, Qty 2, Application 341 353 452A Group…