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  • Bugatti Type 57 Fuel Line Union


    Bugatti Type 57 fuel line union to join copper fuel line to flexible hose going to the fuel pump and KI-Gas pump on the instrument panel. Material: bronze Finish: Natural Thread: M11 x 1.0 internal, M14 x 1.25 external

  • Bugatti Type 57 Tailpipe & Rear Muffler Flange


    Bugatti Type 57 tailpipe and rear muffler flange. Material: Stainless steel Finish: Natural Hole centers: 85mm Holes: 10.25mm OD at center: 60.50mm

  • M10 x 1 Brass Bolt


    Companion bolt for MISC-0445 banjo fitting. For use on brass era automobiles. Material: Brass Finish: Natural Thread: M10 x 1 OAL: 1.152 Length under head: .725 Hex: 10mm Shoulder width: .612

  • Hispano Suiza Shock Tension Lever Retaining Plate Screw


    Metric slotted head screw made from 4140 hardened steel. For use on the shock tension lever retaining plate on Hispano Suiza J-12. Material: 4140, heat treat grade 8 Finish: Natural Thread: M3 x 0.70 Thread length: 3.5mm OAL: 22mm Head OD: 6mm Head height: 3mm Slot: 1mm Length under head: 19mm

  • Hispano Suiza J12 Front Brake Pivot Pin


    Steel front brake pivot pin for Hispano Suiza J-12.  Hardened for maximum wear resistance and left oversized so it can be ground to fit application. Material: Steel Thread: M8 x 1.25 OAL: 65mm Head OD, length: 11mm x 11mm Shoulder OD, length: 16mm x 3mm Shaft OD, length: 10mm x 41mm

  • Packard Chassis Grease Cup Body


    Packard Chassis Grease Cup Body Material: Brass Finish: Natural 1/8 NPT (Male) 7/8-20 (Female) Hex: 1″ Applications: Known to fit 1912 Packard 6          

  • Delahaye M135 Head Bolt, Square Head


    Square headed bolt for use on Delahaye M135.  Delahaye part number 903905. 18 Used per engine. Material: 4140 Steel, heat treat grade 8 Finish: Natural Thread: 12mm x 1.5 Thread length:  44.5mm OAL: 135.8mm Length under head: 118.1mm Head width: 18mm Square: 11.8mm

  • Delahaye 135 Cylinder Head Bolt


    1946 Delahaye Type 135 MS cylinder head bolt. Made from 4140 steel. Heat treated to grade 8 and finished in black oxide for maximum strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Material: 4140 Steel. heat treat grade 8 Finish: Black oxide Thread: M12 – 1.50 Thread length: 32mm OAL: 124mm Head square: 12mm x 12mm Head…

  • Hispano Suiza J12 Rocker Shaft Stud


    Rocker shaft stud for Hispano Suiza J12.  May have uses on other automobiles requiring metric studs. Hispano Suiza part number B-5132. Material: 4140 steel, heat treat grade 5 Finish: Natural Thread: M6 x 1.00 OAL: 77.5mm Threaded end: 11mm Middle: 57mm Threaded end: 9.5mm