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  • Murphy Sun Visor Acorn Nut


    Acorn nut to hold sun visor frame to inner bracket.  This is an exact duplicate of the original Murphy coachbuilder head profile. Material: Steel Thread: 5/16-18 Hex: .562 x .450 high

  • Cadillac 5/16-18 x 1/2 Hex Nut


    Fender bolt hex nut for V8, V12, V16 Cadillac and LaSalle. Cadillac part number 120376, alternative group number 25.0080 Listed in Cadillac parts book as: Group 10.0402, Nut, Qty 18, Application 341 Group 10.0610, Nut On Brace Screw, Qty 4, Application 345C 355C 370C 452C Group 10.0702, Nut, Qty 16, Application 340 345A 353 355AD…