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  • Duesenberg J Downdraft Intake Air Cleaner


    Intake Air Cleaner. Used on EE-3 and DDR-3 equipped Model J Duesenberg. Material: Steel Finish: Epoxy Black Primer Applications: Duesenberg Model J, Possibly Other Pre War Cars  

  • Air-Maze Air Filter Tag


    Air-Maze tag as used on Rolls Royce Phantom I, some Cord L-29 models and other automobiles equipped with Air-Maze air filters. Material: Aluminum OD: 2.00 ID: .250 Thickness: .018

  • Aston Martin DB2 Air Filter Stud


    Stepped stud for Aston Martin DB2 & DB 2/4 using Vokes air filters. Brazed to back plate with 5/16-22 threads to hold filter to carburetor and 10-32 thread to retain filter cover. Material: Steel Finish: Natural Large thread: .951 long, 5/16-22 thread Small thread: 1/2 long, 10-32 thread OAL: 4 3/16 Length non threaded section:…

  • Air Filter Copper Gauze


    Copper gauze for use as air filter material in early to mid 1930s cars.  Commonly used on Duesenberg, Packard, Auburn, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac and others. Sold by the foot. Duesenberg air filter uses about 4 feet. Item is cut to order and is not returnable. Material: Copper Finish: Natural Width: 5.00