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  • Duesenberg Model A Firewall ID Plate


    Firewall identification plate for use on Model A Duesenberg. Plate has raised lettering and details. Material: Nickel plated brass Finish: Nickel with black fill Length: 4.000 Width: 1.750 Thickness: .032

  • Stewart Warner Spotlight Tag


    Identification tag for a windshield mounted combination spotlight and rear view mirror made by Stewart Warner.  For use on Duesenberg Model A and others. Length: 1.500 Width: .500 Thickness: .028 Holes: .076 ID, 1.281 centers

  • Delco Starter Tag


    Manufacturer identification plate for Delco starting motors. Please note black background is not uniform at rivet holes – that is not visible when installed. Length: 2 7/8 Width: 7/8 Thickness: .028